Adventure Log Licensing
The log's initial licensing statement.

This should have been the first post, but here is the initial licensing statement for the Adventure Log of Resurgence.


Eclipse Phase is under Creative Commons licensing encouraging others to develop and create in it for others and to make it their own. Yet, please support them in buying their products so they will keep on making them!

For more information on the Eclipse Phase licensing page here.
To go directly to the license go here (with full license code here).

All written content (old & new) here is considered under the same license unless otherwise specified. Share, modify, and create, but remember to always give credit. Any images used that are cc by-nc-sa will be noted. All other images are copyrighted and used with permission.

The campaign banner is by Dr. C.M. Wong of Opus Artz (modified by this campaign’s GM).


A Resurgent Announcement
A blog for this resurgent campaign

Narrative Content & General Information Coming Soon …


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